Your wedding honey bunch

Your wedding honey bunch

It Is your wedding honey bunch. One big mistake many engaged couples make is allowing others to be too involved in the process of planning their wedding. This becomes a problem when the others who are involved have strong opinions which do not accurately reflect the couple. The opinions of the others may begin to influence the plans for the wedding and will likely result in a wedding which is not indicative of the tastes of the engaged couple. This article will discuss a few ideas for how a couple can handle situations where friends or family members are trying to control the wedding plans.

Your wedding honey bunch

Perhaps one of the most difficult wedding planning situations occurs when there is someone other than the engaged couple who is paying for the wedding. The reason why problems tend to occur in this type of situation is the friends or family members paying for the wedding, or contributing to the cost of the wedding, expect to have a say in the planning process. While it is certainly true that those paying for the wedding should have some say in matters that affect the budget, they should not expect to intrude on other aspects of the wedding planning. For example given the size of the guest list, the people paying for the wedding may rule out certain locations for the wedding because they will be too expensive. However, where two locations are priced equally, the couple should be able to decide between the locations based on their own personal preference.

Your wedding honey bunch after all

Unfortunately there are also many situations where the couple is paying for the wedding themselves but friends or family members are still intruding on the wedding planning process and trying to influence decisions. While it is easier in these cases to tell the friend or family member their opinions are not wanted than it is to do the same when the friend or family member is contributing financially it can still create problems. The friend or family member’s feelings may be hurt and it can cause a serious rift in the relationship. The best way to avoid this situation is to be clear from the start about the level of involvement you wish the individual to have in the process of planning the wedding. If this is not done and the pushiness of the friend or family member becomes a problem it is best to deal with the problem immediately rather than harboring resentment as the problem escalates.

Step by step moving ahead together

Still another situation in which an engaged couple may feel as though the plans for their wedding are out of their control occurs when the couple hires a wedding planner who is presumptuous and makes decisions without consulting the couple. This type of situation may also occur if the couple hires a wedding planner but does not speak up about their needs, wants and expectations. This may be because the couple has a hard time speaking up, the wedding planner is overly pushy or a combination of the two. Regardless of the cause of the problem, this is one of the easiest situations to handle. This is because the couple can fire the wedding planner if things are not working out. However, sitting down with the wedding planner and discussing the issues first is idea. This way the wedding planner has the opportunity to learn what the problem is and attempt to correct the problem.

Your wedding honey bunch regardless

Finally, a couple should always be willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain ownership for the wedding plans if they choose to do so. This may mean making some difficult decisions but it can also greatly improve the outcome of the wedding for the engaged couple. In a case where one set of parents or both parents are contributing to the cost of the wedding and being overly pushy about decisions it may be worthwhile for the engaged couple to consider paying for the wedding themselves. The couple may not be able to have as elaborate as a wedding but in the end they will be happier with the results if they are free to make all of the decisions during the planning process than they would be if they are being influenced by others.

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Hiring wedding planner

Hiring wedding planner

Hiring wedding planner may not all go so easily. Let’s face it; hiring a wedding planner can be very helpful. It can help to make the whole process of planning a wedding much easier and can alleviate a great deal of the stress normally associated with planning a wedding. However, if the couple is not careful to select the right wedding planner it can also sometimes cause more trouble than it is worth. This is especially true in cases where the wedding planner is either not listening to the couple and making decisions they do not approve of and in cases where the wedding planner is neglecting important tasks.

Hiring wedding planner
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Prevention is better than a cure

According to the adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping with this thought it is always a good idea for couples to carefully screen potentially wedding planners before selecting one of them to assist them in the planning of one of the most important days of their lives. It can be way too easy to get swept up in the excitement and simply hire the first wedding planner that comes along. However, this is not a good idea. It may work out alright in some cases but if things do not work out the plans for the wedding can be ruined. To avoid these types of problems, seek out experienced wedding planners who come highly recommended by trusted sources. Then interview these highly qualified candidates to select the one who is the best match in terms of price, style and personality.

Hiring wedding planner with good intentions

Even a couple who does all the right things in selecting a wedding planner may decide at some point that they have made a mistake. They may realize the wedding planner they selected is not qualified or is just not a good match in terms of style and personality. Regardless of the reason for the problems it is best to fire the wedding planner as soon as possible if things are not working out. This will help to ensure the couple has as much time as possible to either hire another wedding planner or plan the rest of the wedding themselves. It is worthwhile to attempt to resolve problems before firing the wedding planner but if these attempts do not work, the couple should not feel bad about making the decision to let the wedding planner go.

Hopefully, when the wedding planner was hired there was some type of contract signed. This contract should not only detail the expected duties of the wedding planner and the fees for her services but should also address the issue of terminating the contract. The contract should also spell out the terms associated with ending the contract early. A well written contract will ensure an amicable separation. However, if a contract is not signed and the agreement between the wedding planner and the couple is a verbal one, the issue of terminating the contract can be more difficult. In some cases it may even require the intervention of a mediator or judge. This can really add stress to the wedding planner process especially if the couple is behind in planning because of the problems with the wedding planner.

Guidelines to Hiring wedding planner

Finally, couples who fire their wedding planners should follow a few basic guidelines. First they should keep all communications with the wedding planner on a professional level and should avoid becoming overly emotional. This is important because burning bridges is never a good idea. Also, the couple should take care to have a plan of action for finishing the planning of the wedding when they fire their wedding planner. This may involve hiring another wedding planner or taking care of arrangements by themselves.

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